We support people to do the extraordinary everyday.

OviCare was created to provide persons with disabilities in Victoria, and Queensland the ability to access the best possible care and services that exist. Whether you need assistance with your NDIS application, NDIS plan and payment management, support coordination, finding proper short or long term accommodation, or if you’d like to participate in some of our specialized programs, we are here to help you however we can.

We care about building relationship with our clients

We care about nurturing and building trust and respect between our clients and carers

We care about freedom of choice, individuality and dignity and are here to ensure that all choices remain in the hands of those we care for. The OviCare model means reassurance and companionship – for some, that’s a few hours each day. For others, it may mean 24/7 live-in-care with complex lifestyle assistance.

Our proud history

Ovicare has made a name for itself in providing quality individualised supports in  Melbourne Metro, Dubbo & Sydney Metro, and Brisbane metro (Including Ipswich, Logan Region and Gold Coast. Our services expand across a wide range of options, choices, and support, laid out to ensure that you receive quality support in the comfort of your home. We also provide you with the ability to explore ways to boost your independence and social connections. When you are in our care, you and your family members enjoy a certain level of peace knowing that you are in good hands.

Our team of well-trained staff members are dedicated professionals who excel in client care and work to ensure that our clients enjoy care receiving in the comfort of their homes, rather than residential care or hospitals.

We understand that every person and every situation is different. Whether you are in need of care with short-notice, short term accommodation or supported independent living, we will connect with you and your family to create a service that truly works for you.


Overcoming Obstacles & Encouraging Abilities, Our mission is to ensure freedom of choice for our clients. Individuality and dignity remain in the hands of those we care for, whilst encouraging our clients to live to their fullest potential.


Being the Difference, Each and every person on our team has the ability to create special moments – both big and small – for our clients. Our focus is to find ways to make things better and be the difference in the lives of those we care for.

Our Values

  • Compassion,
  • Respect & Dignity, Over all else,
  • we value compassion
  • reliability
  • teamwork
  • diversity
  • innovation
  • leadership and growth – both in our staff and and our clients.

At Ovicare, our topmost priority is the well being and happiness of our clients and we work tirelessly to ensure that, the smile of appreciation and satisfaction does not depart their faces. We recognise you as a whole person and support your physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual well being. Our services have been well-tailored to enhance your quality of life and enable you to live life on your terms.

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