Our Plan management team will minimise all hassles in the funding aspect of your NDIS plan.

NDIS Plan Management

NDIS Plan management refers to the way or manner in which funding in your national insurance disability scheme is managed.

Ovicare’s Plan Management Is a service rendered by yours truly, that allows us to manage and organize your finance with the aim of simplifying the process. We will handle this and allow you the free time to do what you love.

We’ll provide you with flexibility and peace of mind.

Our Plan Managers will:
  • Provide you with better value for your money
  • Keep track of your finance & Share monthly statements
  • Take care of your financial reporting.
  • Claim funds from NDIS on your behalf
  • Allow you to make use of registered and non-registered NDIS providers

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Your Ovicare Plan Manager is available to assist with all your enquiries on Accounts@ovicare.com.au

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NDIA Managed

NDIA Managed simply means allowing your plan to be managed by NDIA, this is sometimes referred to as Agency Managed.

Payments will be made directly by the NDIS to care providers registered by NDIS because this option doesn’t allow you to make use of care providers not registered with NDIS, yes there is a little limitation. You will also need to track your funds yourself, so you don’t spend it all quickly.


This option allows you the ability to handle all financial aspects related to care receiving, which includes payment of providers, claiming funds from NDIS, and also keeping track of your funds. This has a slight downside of you running into trouble when you overspend or make wrong payments.


With this, you can combine both plan management options mentioned above and can even make slight changes to fit your preference.

When you make use of the Ovicare’s Plan Management that is provided by experts, all your financial and funding issues relating to care receiving will be handled seamlessly without problems. Invoices received will be cross-checked with the NDIS Price Guide to ensure correctness and we will also assist you with managing your funds, ensuring that providers are paid on time (within 7 days) and that you spend your funds on services you need for the duration of your plan.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Can anyone get Plan Management funding?

    All NDIS participants are eligible to receive funding for plan management. Only in exceptional circumstances will a request for Plan Management be denied.

    Can I use non-registered providers if I am Plan Management with Ovicare?

    When you work with Ovicare Plan Management, you are allowed to use both registered and non-registered providers, given that the price isn’t most expensive than the Price Guide laid out by NDIS.

    What happens if I am charged more than the prices laid out in the Price Guide?

    Your plan managers are there to ensure that all invoices are compliant with the Price Guide issued by NDIS, and in a situation that this is a discrepancy, your plan manager will contact and reach an agreement with the care provider on your behalf.

  • Are Plan Managers qualified?

    Yes, Plan Managers are required to have degrees in accounting or bookkeeping. Ovicare is equipped with a team of Plan Manager made up of accountants who are ever ready to help you with all financial issues related to care receiving.

    What is the difference between Plan Management and Support Coordination?

    Plan Management and Support Coordination are supports designed to help you manage your funding and implement NDIS plans, but there is a slight difference. Support Coordination is a ‘capacity building’ support which has taken it upon itself to design and implement services in its plan that will help NDIS participant live a better life. The better you get at handling and managing your plans, the lesser the funding provided for Support Coordination.

    However, the role of the Plan Manager is to manage, monitor, and supervise all financial issues related to care receiving such as Submitting claims to NDIA on behalf of providers and ensure that there are no abnormalities.

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